Last Year at Betty and Bob’s: A Novelty

Transfer Queen


Visceral: Essays on Illness Not as Metaphor

Creep: A Life, A Theory, An Apology

Luminol Theory

Bathroom Songs: Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick as a Poet

Derrida and Queer Theory

Meaningful Flesh: Reflections on Religion and Nature for a Queer Planet

Clinical Encounters in Sexuality: Psychoanalytic Practice and Queer Theory

Thoughtrave: An Interdimensional Conversation with Lady Gaga

Porno-Graphics and Porno-Tactics: Desire, Affect, and Representation in Pornography

Homotopia? Gay Identity, Sameness & the Politics of Desire

mythomaniaS: Crime Scenes & Psycho Case Studies

My Gay Middle Ages

Ravish the Republic

Queer Insists (for José Esteban Muñoz)


The Penetrated Male

The Apartment of Tragic Appliances

The End of Man


A Neo Tropical Companion