The Passenger: Medieval Texts and Transits

Kill Boxes: Facing the Legacy of US-Sponsored Torture, Indefinite Detention, and Drone Warfare

Centaurs, Rioting in Thessaly

Murder Ballads

To Be, or Not to Be: Paraphrased

As If: Essays in As You Like It

The Old Nubian Texts from Attiri

Object Oriented Environs

Homotopia? Gay Identity, Sameness & the Politics of Desire

Continuum: Writings on Poetry as Artistic Practice

Posthuman Lear: Reading Shakespeare in the Anthropocene

MATCHES: A Light Book

Oceanic New York

Still Thriving

Make and Let Die: Untimely Sovereignties

Inhuman Nature

[Given, If, Then]: A Reading in Three Parts

The Funambulist Pamphlets 10: Literature

Atopological Trilogy

The Funambulist Pamphlets 9: Science Fiction


The Witch and the Hysteric

Itinerant Spectator/Itinerant Spectacle

The Afterlife of Genre: Remnants of the Trauerspiel in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

On Style: An Atelier

Burn After Reading

The Penetrated Male

Staying Alive

A Sanctuary of Sounds

Memoir American